From Hobart, travelling to Wagners will take about 1.5 hours, without any stops !


From Launceston, without a break, it will take you 1.5 hours to arrive at Swansea.


From the Spirit of Tasmania, a non stop drive will take you about 2.5 hours

Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park.

Just a 40 minute drive away !

Cradle Mountain

From Cradle National Park, a non stop drive, will take you 3 hours to arrive at Swansea.

Port Arthur

From the Heritage site, driving non stop, it will take you about 2.5 hours to arrive at Wagners.

When driving at night in Tasmania you will need to factor in some extra driving time as we do have prolific native fauna on our roads and highways, in particular the Lake Leake Highway. So, just slow down, sit back, enjoy the show and arrive safely.